Bart Dessein


Bart Dessein is Professor in the Centre for Buddhist Studies at Ghent University and head of the research group “East Asian Culture in Perspectieve: Identity, Historical Consciousness, Modernity”. He holds a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures from Ghent University, and is a member of the Belgian Association for the Study of Religions (BABEL). He will publish in July 2015, “Aurelius Augustinus and Seng Zhao on ‘Time’ – An Interpretation of The Confessions and the Zhao Lun”, Philosophy East and West, vol. 65 n°3, with M. Li.

Area of expertise:

– China

– Eastern languages and cultures

– Regional policy

– Buddhist philosophy



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Latest Publications

 David Walton and Emilian Kavalski (eds.), Power Transition in Asia, Routledge, 2017.

Christopher Ogden, New South Asian Security: Six Core Relations Underpinning Regional Security, Orient Black Swan, 2016.


M.-A. Éthier et Éric Mottet (dir.), , Didactiques de l’histoire, de la géographie et de l’éducation à la citoyenneté : recherches et pratiques, De Boeck supérieur, 2016.


Tanguy Struye de Swielande and Dorothée Vandamme (eds.), , Power in the 21st Century: Determinants and Contours, Presses universitaires de Louvain, 2015.