Lin Yan​ Huang


PhD Candidate in geography, Laval University, Canada


Lin Yan HUANG is a PhD candidate in geopolitics at the Laval University. Her Ph.D research focuses on the policy and interest of China on Arctic shipping. She is also a student member of the Quebec Center of Geopolitics Studies (Centre québécois d’études géopolitiques – CQEG).

She holds a Master’s degree in business administration from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.


Research interests:

– Geopolitics on China and Arctic issues

– Chinese new silk road

– Chinese shipping industry







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One article on analysis of China shipping industry waiting for the confirmation of acceptance from the journal;



Latest Publications

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Christopher Ogden, New South Asian Security: Six Core Relations Underpinning Regional Security, Orient Black Swan, 2016.


M.-A. Éthier et Éric Mottet (dir.), , Didactiques de l’histoire, de la géographie et de l’éducation à la citoyenneté : recherches et pratiques, De Boeck supérieur, 2016.


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